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“I can't say enough about the processing department at Ascension. I have been in the business for over 10 years now and every loan that I do with Ascension is so smooth. I feel like they take extra special care of my loans. I assume that everyone feels that way that works with  them  but I cant to think that I am special. After doing loans with the processing  department  I will not ever go to another processor again. I can't afford to take my loans anywhere else. I know for a fact they would not receive the same attention to detail that they receive there. I am loyal for life!” Garret Ward/ Comprehensive Financial “Ascension is a must-consider company when evaluating your 3rd party processing needs. As an AE, I can attest to the importance of presenting a well-processed file. Choosing a good processor saves time and money for all parties involved, and can mean the difference between an approval and a denial. A progressive, reputable and experienced  company like Ascension Processing can free you up to originate more loans and add to your bottom line, while maintaining the integrity of your brand with excellent customer service and  proven results. Amber Bsumek is a rock star. She differentiates herself from other processing companies with the quality of her work and she is well-known by AE's and lenders across the market. She is resourceful, competent and has mastered the art of communication with my ops staff, which is a key piece that many of her competitors have missed. When my clients ask me for processing referrals, Ascension is at the top of the list.”  
Jessica Bostic/Franklin American

“Ascension’s loans usually go from underwriting into closing without us needing anything additional!” 
Rheim Penman/Stonegate Mortgage 

“Detail oriented processing, meticulously packaged and ready for underwriting.” 
Tracy Evans/Caliber Home Loans

"As an Account Executive with REMN Wholesale for over 7 years, I can attest to the fact that great processing can make your loan a dream....and a poor job can just as easily make it a nightmare.Having worked with Amber Bsumek for years, I can truthfully say that she is, hands-down, the best in the business. She is knowledgeable, efficient, calm, with great people skills for both LO's and their borrowers. Ascension Processing would be my number one recommendation for any of my Utah broker clients that would like to work with a fantastic 3rd party processor."
Ken Dubman/REMN

“Amber Bsumek has created a flawless system and has raised the bar on processing mortgages, I couldn’t be happier.” 
Brad Barclay/MLO

“I have experience with other contract processors and she is hands down the best in the industry.” 
Burgess Cline/Intermountain Mortgage

“Thank you very much for the nice clean submission! Best I’ve ever seen with multiple properties”. 

“Hi Amber, your loan is approved. Easy file for me, you did a great job.” 

“Cleanest VA Approval I have ever seen.”

“Clear to Close, no conditions. Thanks for your
UWD/Provident Funding